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An Ethical Standard for Model and Talent Agents

The entertainment industry has been concerned for some time about a growing problem of unethical model and talent agencies. These agencies claim to be part of the legitimate industry but are really in business to defraud thousands of people every year out of tens, if not 100s of thousands of pounds. They use methods that include, but are not limited to:

  • Fake 'guarantees' of work
  • High up-front registration fees
  • Contracts requiring models and talent to buy services such as photos, internet pages and/or acting classes for grossly over-inflated prices.


AMTA, the Association of Model and Talent Agencies, was created to represent virtually the entire "talent" industry. We have written down what models and talent should expect from legitimate agents in our AMTA Code of Ethics. We distribute the Code to arm the public with information about how legitimate agents operate and how to spot and avoid the scams.